oh hi. i'm Yannick.

oh hi. i'm Yannick.

I'm a 23 year old Human-being, living in beautiful Switzerland. i'm an android developer @appswithlove and computer science student @fhnw. and well, i also dedicate a big part of my time to photography. that makes me really happy.

in 2016, i bought myself my first camera. i got inspired to do so because i could play around with one on a trip (Thanks, Rocio). Since then, i really got into photography and into all the good things that it brought to me. it helped me realize how beautiful the nature can be and how wonderful people in it are. therefore, i try to spend as many moments outside, capturing, as i can. it might be in the mountains, in the tiny village i'm living in or just wherever i am playing around. photography definitely changed who i am. And i like that, because it's the way i want to express myself right now.  

i asked some of the best people i know, how they would describe me in 3 words. here's what they aswered: energetic, creative, adventurous, smooth, considered, curious. also, "lässig".

but hey, lets meet up and you can get your own idea of who i am. i'm always open to meet new people for projects and collaborations. let's create some magic. ✨

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